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Write mathematics while painlessly collaborating with others.

A collaborative in-browser LaTeX math editor that is simple, easy to use, and lightning fast.

Why Slate?


Slate's parser and real-time rendering engine are powered by optimized Rust and WebAssembly. No need to wait for documents to compile; just type and instantly see the results. Slate is over 50x faster than Overleaf for real-time math editing.


Slate has a simple and intuitive syntax, inspired by the best ideas from LaTeX and Markdown. It combines the expressive qualities of LaTeX's math typesetting language with modern rich text formatting that is easy to learn.


Slate features Google Docs-like multiplayer editing based on the Operational Transformation (OT) algorithm. Invite any number of users to work on a document together, and their changes will instantly appear in your browser.

LaTeX has never felt this fast

Instant rendering, powerful collaboration.

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Simple and easy to learn

Used by mathematicians, scientists, and students.

Over 1000 people around the world use Slate to typeset their documents.

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